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BlueSimba Inc. develops client-facing software productivity tools to help small business owners simplify and automate the performance of time consuming daily tasks. We help small business owners and non-profits create a strategy that involves using technology to handle most business needs.

It’s A Complete Virtual Office It’s A Complete Virtual Office

The Simba WorkStation™

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You are the Sales Manager, Book keeper, HR Executive and Project Manager. Its why we built the Simba WorkStation. It’s a business app that allows you to manage sales, contracts, invoicing, digital marketing, social media, your website and a long list of productivity applications and services from one dashboard. Log in, choose what you want to work on today and get right into it. 

Simba WorkStation Features

Most small business owners can't afford to maintain a large workforce. Its' why they depend heavily on software productivity tools to get more work done every day.

Customized Snapshot Reports

The Snapshot Report provides small business owners with insights into their brand's current standing online and what to do to strengthen their digital footprint and grow sales.

Access To Both Free & Paid Tools

A free Simba WorkStation™ account guarantees access to both free and paid software productivity tools to help manage almost all aspects of your small business.

Centralized Billing For All apps

There is no need to juggle credit cards and reset passwords on multiple platforms all over the internet. Subscribe and pay for all apps monthly securely from one dashboard.

Corporate Branding Services

Register your new business, apply for a Tax Identification number or EIN, create your brand's identity with top graphic designers and website- All from the Simba Workstation.

Simple eCommerce Solutions

When you are ready to start selling your products or services online, you can easily transition to an eCommerce store with our easy to use eCommerce tools.

Automated Digital Marketing

Put your marketing on steroids by automating the process and use our artificial intelligence tool to simplify your campaign's metrics into an easy to read report.

Our Featured Products

Set Up Your Virtual Office

Step 1
Create Free Account
Create a free Simba Workstation account to manage all your daily business needs. No credit card required until you are ready to subscribe to an application.
Step 1
Step 2
Select Free or Paid Apps
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Step 2
Step 3
Manage Your Business
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Step 3
Step 4
Generate Leads & Grow
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Discover The WorkStation App

The Simba Workstation™ is a powerful productivity SAAS product built for busy entrepreneurs who have to combine multiple roles, manage the day to day activities of their small businesses and still make it home in time for dinner.

More BlueSimba Products

Domain Names

An SEO friendly domain name is one of the first things you will need to create a brand

Simba Domains

Simba Domains provides businesses with all the top level TLDs and more
Get Domain Name

Web Hosting

State of the art Cloud Hosting with uncompromising security

Simba Hosting

Host your websites on our secure, blazing fast hosting solution built on the back of Google Cloud's Worldwide Infrastructure.
Host A Website

Web Development

The quality of your online presence says a lot about your brand. Build a custom website.

Simba ThemeHouse

A good UI/UX is important to converting visitors to clients. Buy isometrically tested templates or lets build one for you.
Choose A Theme

Mobile & Web Apps

Design and publish quality mobile apps in minutes using our DIY Saas Platform

Simba AppDeck

Mobile app and web developers charge thousands of dollars for one app. We can create a full app for you in days.
Create Free App

CRM Software

The Simba Workstation was built from the ground up to help manage a business.

Simba CRM

Manage potential and existing clients, create projects, invoices and more from your own client dasboard - Lotux CRM
Try Simba CRM

Digital Marketing

We have digital solutions and customized platforms for almost every industry.

Digital Marketing

A good Digital Marketing plan levels the playing field. Now you can compete with Global brands at scale
Get Free Consultation

Social Media

3.5 billion people - almost half of the world's population - is on social.

Automate Social

Schedule posts, shorten URL, view engagement stats, manage campaigns
Try Simba Social

Task Automation

Current technology makes it very easy to automate almost any business process.

Lotux Automation

You can automate almost any business process using customized bots.
Learn more

Custom Development

Sometimes the best way to get it right is to create it. Build custom applications.

Software Development

BlueSimba has a full service development team that can help you build any solution from - Ideation To Implementation

One Account To Manage Them All

Save time, money and join a community of hard-working business people. 

14 Critical Steps To Create & Grow A Brand

This E-book will walk you through the process of choosing a business name, how to register your company, get a Tax ID, built your brand, promote and grow your dream business!