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Free Consultation
Free Consultation

We know small business owners wear a lot of hats. You are your own creative director, marketer and production manager. Have an idea and need to see if it will work for your brand? Let's discuss it for free.

Product Development
Product Development

Launching your product is the easy part. You need tools and professional advice on how to to grow it. Let's bring 20 years of combined experience in both software and product development to your game.

First Class Support
First Class Support

When you work hard to build a brand, you want to do everything in your power to maintain its reputation and grow it's customer base. We provide you with the needed product support to keep customers happy.

We Are Proud Of Us

Lotux.Net is focused on developing business productivity software to help organizations run more efficiently. We create solutions that help you automate all time consuming tasks - from digital marketing to employee onboarding and time tracking for your workers so you can focus on growing your customer base or perfecting the QA for your manufacturing processes.

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